ICONIC PHOTO SPOTS: Classic Arizona Destinations to Photograph Your Classic Car

ICONIC PHOTO SPOTS: Classic Arizona Destinations to Photograph Your Classic Car

WestWorld “Impulsion” Statue

Your heart pounds as the lights from the auction block center on you: a winning bidder at the 2023 Scottsdale Auction. Why not celebrate this momentous occasion with a dream-car-worthy photo shoot? Whether you are visiting Scottsdale for the Barrett-Jackson auction or reside in the Valley of the Sun, these nearby locations provide gorgeous and unique backgrounds for photographs of your vehicle.

WestWorld “Impulsion” Statue

A well-known feature of the auction site, inside the gates of WestWorld and by the entrance to the Tony Nelson Equestrian Center (home to the auction arena), is the “Impulsion” statue of a horse. This figure stands over 20 feet tall and serves as a beacon for guests that they have arrived at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction.

Frank Lloyd Wright Spire

Just down the road from WestWorld is this iconic Scottsdale landmark honoring a 1957 design by Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect who spent his winters in Scottsdale. Although you might have to get creative to fit this entire 125-foot structure in frame, the resulting photo will combine your car’s automotive design with architectural style. 7207 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Scottsdale.

Mill Avenue Bridges at Tempe Town Lake

For a gorgeous picture with a water feature, take a trip down to the Tempe Town Lake. To get a really stunning shot, follow East Lake View Drive to get a picture of your car in between the Tempe and Second Mill Avenue bridges, with gleaming buildings from the city in the background. 539 N. Mill Ave., Tempe.

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

A location for lovers of history and architecture, the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, opened in 1929, provides a picturesque background with Frank Lloyd Wright-style buildings. While this is a private resort, you can cruise into the parking lot to have the beautiful grounds and buildings frame your car. 2400 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix.

Fountain Hills Viewing Point

If you prefer a natural background, the Fountain Hills Viewing Point, situated in the McDowell Mountain Range, provides an expansive view of mountains and desert flora to photograph your vehicle against. This parking area can be busy, especially around sunset, so plan accordingly for the best chance to get an uninterrupted and breathtaking shot. 14845 E. Shea Blvd., Fountain Hills.

Power Lines at Dynamite Boulevard and Pima Road

For an industrial desert feel to your car photos, take a quick trip up to the power lines by the intersection of Dynamite Boulevard and Pima Road. Park your vehicle to the side of the road and situate it to be flanked by the towering structures on both sides for a truly impressive shot. 28159 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale.

South Mountain Park and Preserve

Another location for breathtaking landscapes, South Mountain has a variety of photo-worth locations across its more than 16,000 acres of land. Some of the best places to capture the essence of this massive area include Dobbins Lookout, the South Mountain Towers and Gila Valley Lookout. 10409 S. Central Ave., Phoenix.

Starlite Motel

A blast from the past, the Starlite Motel will bring you back to an ambiance similar to the time when many collector cars rolled off the auction block. Built in the 1950s, this hotel boasts iconic vintage styling and colors, with a brilliant neon sign bathing it in bright lights. 2710 E. Main St., Mesa.

The options of locations where you can photograph your car in the Valley of the Sun are truly endless, from Sonoran Desert backdrops to cityscapes and historic sites, but one thing is for sure: No matter where you go, your auction vehicle will steal the show. If you share your photos on social media, be sure to use #BJACSuperFan for the chance to be featured in an Instagram story.

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