Traffic speed camera in Kerala catches husband on wife’s scooter with another woman: Fight and arrest follow

Cheating on a partner is never a good idea, and no matter how far a person goes to hide this ordeal, things eventually come out in the open. Although relationships might not be our wheelhouse here at Cartoq, we can surely agree that cheating on a significant other is not something anyone should do. Recently, in a rather funny incident from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, it was reported that a man got caught cheating on his wife in a hilarious manner. As per reports, a young man was driving his wife’s scooter with another woman sitting behind him, and he was caught because of a traffic speed camera.

Traffic speed camera catches husband on wife’s scooter with another woman: Fight and arrest follow

Yes, we are not kidding when we say that one of the 726 AI-enabled cameras installed by the Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala led to a man getting caught cheating on his wife. The man was riding his wife’s scooter with a female pillion behind him, and as both of the riders were not wearing helmets, the MVD traffic camera took a picture of them.

The same picture was then sent to the owner of the scooter, which was the man’s wife and the registered owner of the scooter, she then questioned him about the person sitting behind him.

Traffic speed camera catches husband on wife’s scooter with another woman: Fight and arrest follow

Following this, the Karmana police station registered a case against the man, and it was reported that he mentioned to his wife that the woman behind him on the scooter was just a passerby, and he was giving her a lift. As per the report, the husband and wife then had a massive argument at home, and following the quarrel, the wife complained to the police that the man beat her and their three-year-old baby. After this complaint, the police arrested the man.

Traffic speed camera catches husband on wife’s scooter with another woman: Fight and arrest follow

From this incident, we can take away two things. The first is to never cheat on someone, and the second, even more important, is that one should always wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler. Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or engaging in any other activity that puts your head at risk is crucial for personal safety. Here are some other reasons why wearing a helmet is important:

Head Protection: The primary function of a helmet is to protect the head from injury. In case of an accident, a helmet provides a cushion that can absorb the impact of a collision, thereby reducing the risk of head injuries such as skull fractures, concussions, or even death.

Legal Requirement: Wearing a helmet is a legal requirement in many countries for riders of motorcycles, bicycles, and other similar vehicles. Failure to wear a helmet can result in fines or legal penalties.

Enhanced Visibility: Helmets often come in bright colors and have reflective strips that can make the rider more visible to other motorists on the road. This is especially important when riding at night or in low-light conditions.

Increased Confidence: Wearing a helmet can boost a rider’s confidence, which can translate to better performance and more enjoyment while riding. This is because the rider feels more secure and protected, which allows them to focus on the activity at hand.

Inspires Others: When you wear a helmet, you set an example for others, especially children, to follow. By wearing a helmet, you show that you take safety seriously and value your own life and that of others.

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