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That’s a good color to compare it to verse various different reds from other manufactures. It definitely leans more towards that color. It’s not the same obviously but I think Toronto leans slighty more orangey. If you like Guards then you’ll probably like Toronto. I will say that I felt Toronto on my X3M had the most orange hue when it was overcast out instead of high sun.

I looked around on Google images to find something that I personally felt looked fairly close to real life and I would look at the pictures from this page here:…_bmw_2021_x3m/ . Click through the pictures this person posted and you’ll see how it looks in a few different lightning conditions and I feel that it’s very close to real life. You’ll see how the last two photos look a lot more orange in the slightly overcast shots.

Thanks for the response and the link. Hope to see the color in person, if not I think I am going with black. Live in Chicago area(very close to a dealer) and all there is black, white, grey, silver. Always looking when driving hoping to see TR but nothing. All I see is brooklyn grey on the M4’s around here. Number #8 on the list here , I guess will have some time.

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