The New TRE G87 M2 Body Kit



TRE, a renowned manufacturer of high-performance aftermarket car parts, is proud to present its bespoke carbon fibre bodykit, expertly crafted for the eagerly awaited BMW G87 M2. This all-new, cutting-edge upgrade package includes a carbon fibre front splitter, front bonnet, side fender trim, side skirts, rear wing, and rear bumper spats – all fashioned from premium 2×2 twill pre-preg carbon fibre for a motorsport-inspired look and exceptional lightweight performance.

Our team of skilled automotive designers, including professionals with experience working at BMW, has meticulously engineered this bodykit using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) methods. By utilising 3D-captured data from the actual G87 M2, we’ve ensured unparalleled fitment and a cohesive design that flawlessly integrates with the vehicle’s distinct lines and aesthetics.

The carbon fibre front splitter not only elevates the G87 M2’s aerodynamics by optimising airflow, reducing drag, and increasing downforce, but also directs additional air into the front brake ducts for enhanced cooling. The side winglets on the front splitter feature integrated canards, generating further downforce and improving turn-in during high-speed cornering.

Our sleek carbon fibre side fender trim and side skirts, equipped with integrated canards in the winglet section, contribute to a streamlined and sporty aesthetic while complementing the vehicle’s aerodynamic package. These additions further increase downforce, ensuring a cohesive design that seamlessly integrates with the front splitter.

The rear wing, crafted from lightweight carbon fibre, is supported by titanium uprights with three adjustable settings: Road, Sport, and Track. The Road setting offers a sleek visual appearance and a respectable increase in downforce with minimal drag, while the Track setting maximises downforce for optimal racetrack performance. The Sport setting provides a balanced compromise between the two. An optional riser is available to increase the overall height of the wing, allowing for further customisation.

Our carbon fibre rear bumper spats complete the cohesive aerodynamic package, accentuating the G87 M2’s overall aesthetic appeal and seamlessly integrating with the vehicle’s design.

Designed and developed with precision and performance in mind, TRE’s carbon fibre bodykit for the BMW G87 M2 represents the pinnacle of quality and innovation in aftermarket upgrades. We take pride in delivering exceptional products that surpass expectations, and our bodykit’s flawless fit and cohesive design are a testament to that.

Dealers interested in offering TRE’s carbon fibre bodykit to their customers can contact our sales team at [email protected] for more information.

For additional details about our carbon fibre bodykit, please visit the product page here.

Contact Information:
Name: Jack Smith
Title: Marketing Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 1277 366893

Click the image to view the TRE TR1 BMW G87 M2 Kit album on Flickr.

TRE TR1 G87 M2 Kit Concept by AUTOID, on Flickr
TRE TR1 G87 M2 Kit Concept by AUTOID, on Flickr
TRE TR1 G87 M2 Kit Concept by AUTOID, on Flickr
TRE TR1 G87 M2 Kit Concept by AUTOID, on Flickr

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