The Hyperion XP-1 Hypercar. A Hydrogen-Powered Beauty.

Californian start-up company Hyperion have mercilessly shot out of the canon with their exceptional XP-1, a hydrogen fuel-cell-powered supercar that can surpass Ferraris while emitting only water vapour…

Technically, the Hyperion XP-l is an electric hypercar, but uses hydrogen to generate electricity from its fuel cells. The two-seater uses a lighter, advanced supercapacitor power storage (not to be confused with flux capacitors) instead of batteries.

The 4-wheel-drive power train packs a punch, with a Bugatti Chiron-rivalling speed of 100 km/h in under 2.2 seconds. With the pedal to the metal, the XP-1’s fuel cell and three-speed gearbox can push it to mind-blowing 356km/h.

Hyperion XP1

Thanks to its supercapacitor tech, as opposed to the large lithium-ion batteries, the XP-1 weighs in at just 1032kg, making it more responsive and agile to drive, bypassing any of the overheating concerns that battery-powered vehicles can create.

Comparing it to a space-age machine is not far-fetched when considering its running on Hydrogen fuel cells, which have provided power for space missions for many years, thanks to their lightweight nature. This NASA tech results in atomic bomb levels of energy, and driving range of 1600 km. The XP-1 will also feature phenomenal aerodynamics that includes solar panels for major downforce. When not beating lap times, those air-bending wings will follow the position of the sun to maximise driving range.

Hyperion XP1

Swollen fenders emphasise the massive wheels, the turbo exhaust tips and body side trim add much wanted flair – but the upswinging doors are pleasingly the most head-turning exterior feature. The interior gets its hype on too, with a ginormous 98-inch interface screen, and a dimmable 134-inch glass canopy adding to the spectacle.

Hyperion hopes this machine will shine a light on behalf of all hydrogen-based alternative energy vehicles in future. For now, there will supply hydrogen refuelling stations to boost the infrastructure needed. Just 300 are down for production in 2022, at a sell-everything-you-own-to-buy-one price tag.


Engine: Hydrogen electric

Power: 1120+ kW

Top Speed: 356 km/h

0-100KMIH: 2.2 secs

Wow, it looks great, very futuristic. We cannot wait to see one in the flesh.

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