The best car covers to keep your Porsche protected

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If you own a Porsche, it’s very unlikely you think of it as just a car that takes you from point A to point B. Rather, it’s a cherished piece of property and one you’ll probably keep for a very long time. If you don’t have the luxury of parking your car inside a garage every night, a car cover is a wise investment. We also recommend one if you seasonally store your Porsche, since a car cover can protect it from accidental scratches while it sits parked inside your garage.

The market is full of car covers to choose from, and since we don’t know the exact vehicle you own, it’s hard to recommend vehicle-specific covers. Because of that, our list of recommendations are universal car covers from reputable brands with quality products. If you prefer a vehicle-specific car cover, click the button below.

Following our list of recommendations for the best car covers, you’ll find more information about the product and why you should invest in a car cover.

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1. Top pick: iCarCover 18-layer premium car cover

icarcover 18-layer premium car cover

When it comes to choosing a top pick, I often go with a product that balances price, quality, and performance. It won’t necessarily be the highest-quality product that’s available (that’s typically the premium pick), but one that offers great performance for the price. The car cover that checks all the boxes for those requirements comes from iCarCover. It’s the cover I’d recommend if you often park your car outdoors because it’ll protect it from all types of weather conditions.

It’s available in a wide variety of sizes, so there’s a cover for your 911, Taycan, or Cayenne. This specific recommendation features SuperTex, which is made by ultrasonically fusing 18 layers of uni-directional breathable fabric. iCarCover says that allows moisture to leave, but not enter. This 18-layer cover can withstand wind speeds of up to 40 mph and temperatures up to 135°F.

To keep the cover snug on your car are double-stitched elastic hems, along with a trio of non-scratch straps with buckles and grommets, if needed. Each car cover also comes with an antenna patch and a waterproof carrying bag for storing the cover when it’s not being used.

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2. Runner-up: Kayme 7-layer car cover

kayme 6-layer car cover

If you’re looking for a car cover with a black finish, check out this option from Kayme. Designed to protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures down to -100°F, it’s an ideal option for Porsche owners who live in an area that experiences snow and ice during the winter. We also particularly like the zipper design for the driver door, which allows you access to your vehicle without having to take off the entire cover.

It’s a competitively priced, good quality cover made from waterproof materials and has all the features you’d want, including reflective stripes for better visibility at night, wind-resistant straps with buckles, and an elastic hem for a snug fit. It too is available in a wide variety of sizes, so there’s more than likely an application for your specific vehicle.

Kayme also offers a 6-layer car cover with your typical aluminum/silver finish. The company provides a 12-month warranty on its car covers.

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3. Best on a budget: Budge Lite car cover

budge lite car cover

Now if you’re looking for an affordable car cover that provides adequate protection for occasional use, our recommendation is this option from Budge. The Budge Lite car cover is an entry-level car cover that’s mostly designed to protect the exterior of your vehicle from the environment. It’s a single-layer option, so we wouldn’t recommend it for snow or heavy rain. It’s also a good choice to protect your car while it’s in storage.

Available in plenty of sizes, it’s made from breathable material to help keep condensation off the surface of your car. It does have an elasticized hem to hold it in place, along with sewn-in grommets. It does however, lack the straps and buckles found on our other recommendations, so it’s not ideal for heavy wind use.

As our best on a budget pick, you shouldn’t depend on this cover for long-term use, unless it’s inside a garage. It has its limitations when it comes to outdoor protection.

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4. Premium pick: CoverSeal heavy duty car cover

coverseal heavy duty outdoor car cover

Our premium pick actually brings a twist to the car cover market with an innovative and patented 360° weighted apron. By using heavy duty PVC-coated polyester and a sand-weighted bottom, this car cover seals to the ground without having to use bungee cords or straps. That also means it isn’t a form-fitting car cover, which makes it easier to install and remove. CoverSeal says it can withstand winds up to 40 mph.

On the outside, the material will reflect 90% of the sunlight and offers protection from wildfire ash up to 300°F. The loose-fitting design also ensures rain and snow doesn’t build up on the surface. This also means the cover is designed without needing pockets for the side mirrors.

CoverSeal is available in three sizes: full size, mid size, and sport size. Make sure you select the correct size for your vehicle for the best fit.

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5. Best for indoor: Leader Accessories Basic Guard 3-layer car cover

leader accessories basic guard 3-layer car cover

If you want better protection than our budget pick and willing to spend just a bit more, consider this option from Leader Accessories. It is the company’s Basic Guard car cover, but it offers three layers of protection, which is better than the single layer from our budget recommendation. It’s more ideal for indoor use, such as storing your car for winter, but it’s adequate for occasional outdoor use.

It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill car cover without any standout features, but it does have an elastic hem and straps to hold it in place. The company provides two antenna patches and a storage bag with each cover. This is an ideal option for car owners who mostly want to protect their vehicle from sunlight or accidental scratches while being stored in the garage.

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Our final recommendation are products from, which has been manufacturing car covers since 2008. The company offers a wide variety of different covers based on your needs, and they’re all high quality, durable products. More importantly, you can select your vehicle to make sure you’re getting a correctly sized car cover. offers a 30-day return policy on its products and guarantees the cover will fit properly. For outdoor use, we recommend the Platinum Shield car cover, which features reflective polyester material with a polyurethane coating. The company also offers a specific car cover for indoor use, made from black satin material.

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Will a car cover scratch my paint?

A quality car cover that is installed correctly should not scratch the paint on your vehicle. You should however, avoid covering a dirty car. The dirt and grime on the surface increases the chance of scratching your paint, no matter the material of the cover.

Can a car cover protect against hail?

Some of the multi-layer car covers we recommend will offer some protection against hail. But this largely depends on the size and severity of the hail. If you live in an area that often experiences hail, we’d recommend buying a car cover with several layers.

Can I wash my car cover?

You should definitely wash your car cover from time to time, to make sure nothing on the inside can damage the surface of your vehicle. Almost all car covers can be hand washed, while some can be tossed into a washing machine. Check the care instructions with your particular car cover to determine what’s the best method to keep it clean.

Why do I need a car cover?

A car cover is designed to protect the exterior of your vehicle from the environment. That includes harmful UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, rain, and snow. Constant exposure to the sun not only damages your car’s finish, but will cause your interior to fade, crack, and tear. Car covers also protect your vehicle from accidental scratches and animal damage.

Can I use a car cover on a wet car?

Generally, you want to avoid putting a car cover on a wet car. If you do, you’re trapping in moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. We always recommend drying your car before putting on a car cover.

Does a car cover protect my car from hail?

Your standard car cover may offer limited protection against light hail. But if you are looking for protection in severe hailstorms, you’re going to need a specialized car cover designed for hail protection — something like this inflatable car cover.

How do I choose the right car cover?

With so many different car covers on the market, we don’t blame you if you’re a little overwhelmed while shopping for one. Here are 10 factors you want to consider (in no particular order) when choosing the right car cover for your vehicle:

  • Fitment – Try to get a car cover that’s designed specifically to fit your vehicle. Universal covers, while less expensive, aren’t as effective as custom-fit covers.
  • Material – Look for durable, high-quality materials that are water- and UV-resistant.
  • Weather protection – The primary reason to get a car cover is to protect your vehicle from the elements, so you want one that offers adequate weather protection for your specific weather conditions. For example, owners who live in an area with lots of rain and snow will want an all-weather cover, while in milder climates, a lightweight car cover to protect against dust and dirt may be enough.
  • UV protection – If you plan on using your car cover during the day, you want one that is made from UV-resistant material to protect your car’s paint and interior from sun damage.
  • Scratch protection – Obviously a car cover should protect your vehicle from scratches, but what we mean here is to make sure you get a car cover with a soft inner lining, so the cover itself doesn’t scratch your paint when it’s being used.
  • Breathability – Your car cover needs to breathe, so moisture can escape. Otherwise, mold and mildew can grow underneath and on your cover. If you plan on storing your car for a long period of time, make sure your car cover is breathable.
  • Security features – If you’re using a car cover outdoors and need to keep the cover securely locked in place, look for products with reinforced grommets for a cable lock or similar features.
  • Ease of use – Your car cover shouldn’t be a pain to put on and take off. Get a cover that has elastic hems and adjustable straps so it’s easy to use. Other features to look for include mirror pockets and zippers to access your driver’s side door.
  • Storage – If you aren’t using your car cover, you should be able to easily store it. That means a cover that can be folded and ideally comes with its own storage bag.
  • Warranty – If a product doesn’t offer a warranty, you should avoid it. Get a car cover that covers defects in workmanship and materials.

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