The East Bay Hot Rod Flight

In 1956, “Hot Rodding” was still seen by most of the general public as an activity for hoodlums, criminals, and various other forms of ne’er-do-wells. A quick search through the national database of news articles proves as much. Using an AI filter, I was able to sniff out 2,638 articles […] 2023 Detroit Autorama Photo Coverage: It Was Frozen Outside, But Hot, Hot, Hot, Inside Detroit Autorama

2023 Detroit Autorama Image Coverage: It Was Frozen Outside, But Hot, Scorching, Hot, Inside Detroit Autorama Mar 08, 2023Chad ReynoldsBangShift Galleries, Automobile Exhibits, Auto Exhibits, Event Protection, Gallery Here’s our fourth gallery of images from Detroit, and we have got a good deal much more to come! Michigan was going […]