3 Days in Granda Itinerary (Updated 2023)

Posted: 4/13/2023 | April 13th, 2023 In this guest post, travel expert Somto from Somto Seeks shares her suggested itinerary for Granada, one of Spain’s most beautiful and enchanting cities. When you think of Granada, Spain chances are that one attraction comes to mind: La Alhambra. But this sprawling 14th-century […]

Strange Days with Dave’s Dog

This Friday column often has place for the outcasts of the avenues and the stray dogs of the ’strip. It’s a risk-free haven for the wild and the strange, the homely and the homebuilt. “No unexciting autos,” a well-known magazine after touted. Stirring the pot, shaking the martini—that’s what hot […]