Rare 2011 BMW 1M Coupe can be yours for US$ 199,990

Here is a sweet BMW 1M on sale at tue Enthusiast Auto Group. This is a rare opportunity to pick up this unique M car with just 152 miles on the odo. Yes, that’s not a typo. Additionally, this particular model is just one of 740 units sold in America.

BMW 1M : More Details

The BMW 1M first made its appearance back in 2011. It was sold alongside the regular 135i. However, the 1M came with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo petrol engine. This motor is good for 335 HP and 332 lb-ft. of peak torque. Further, as enthusiasts would prefer, the engine was mated with only a 6-speed manual transmission.

Another unique fact about the 2011 BMW 1M is that this was the first time that the Bavarian carmaker introduced a turbocharged engine in any M-spec vehicle. The changes in the regular 1 Series include a new rear subframe, upgraded rear suspension and an E93-derived limited slip differential or LSD. Not to mention, the baby M was equipped with wheels and tires borrowed from its larger siblings.

BMW 1M : Popularity of the baby M

One more reason for cheer was the initial pricing. Launched at around US$ 46,000, it was just US$ 10,000 more expensive than the standard 135i. Meanwhile, the larger M3 would have set you back by US$ 61,000 at the minimum.

BMW 1M on sale : More Details

While the price is set at US$ 199,990, it is not out of the ordinary for such a rare car. Not to mention the low 153 miles on the clock as well as being taken care of in a secure, climate-controlled parking lot all its life. Infact, EAG claims this car was stored with long term parking in mind and all necessary precautions were undertaken.

Good luck to the lucky owner who would get this car in his garage.

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Source – Enthusiast Auto Group

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