QOTD: What’s Your Road Trip Car for Turkey Day?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I have visions of a Steve Martin/John Candy movie classic in my head.

You’ll remember that the “automobiles” part of “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” involves a poor, doomed Chrysler K-car rental. You might also point out that perhaps if the duo had rented a car sooner, instead of trying to use a train and bus to get home after their flight is diverted to Witchita, they might have made it without quite so many wacky misadventures.

So, let’s say you’re visiting family for Thanksgiving. It’s too close to fly, but the drive is over an hour. You need to haul yourself, plus any family. And a couple of side dishes. What vehicle are you picking? Does your current ride work? Or do you lust after something you can’t afford?

In general, cars that offer some utility work best for this QOTD, but if you want to say “screw it, I am showing up with my date and a bottle of bubbly and nothing more in an Alfa 4C”, well, it’s a free country. Though your hosts may have some concerns about what you do with your date, and where.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Sound off below.

[Image: Foxys Forest Manufacture/Shutterstock.com]

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