Porsche x Vodafone Create Europe’s First 5G Facility For Vehicle Connectivity Testing

he new mobile network infrastructure enables 4G and 5G coverage throughout the testing center.

Always striving to improve performance, technology, and comfort, the Porsche brand invests its money and resources towards the development of intelligent and connected vehicles. Teaming up with British multinational communications company Vodafone, the new partnership breaks ground in Southern Italy at a facility managed by Porsche Engineering. Porsche Engineering and Vodafone are proud to have established Europe’s first 5G hybrid mobile private network (MPN). The 5G technology contributes by enhancing the connectivity of a vehicle by improving backend services, roadside infrastructures, and other vehicles.

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The 5G Infrastructure at Nardò Technical Center provides coverage throughout the 1,730 acres of the Apulian region, which features more than 20 tracks for high-performance testing on models like the Taycan and Cayenne. The goal of Porsche x Vodafone is to create new connectivity, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-vehicle, and highly-automated driving functions for self-driving vehicles. With an industry-leading communications company on its sideline, we can expect future Porsche models to incorporate more upcoming state-of-the-art technology. View all current Porsche models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below.

Source: Porsche

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