New Range Rover Sport SV Will Be Revealed 31 May

Ladies and gents, the most exciting Range Rover Sport offering will be revealed on 31 May as “the fastest, most dynamic and technologically advanced” version of the sports SUV yet.

We are expecting power output to increase beyond that of the 542 hp predecessor and it will be dropping the ‘R’ from its moniker. It will be called the Range Rover Sport SV in acknowledgement of the Special Vehicles department that is developing it.

Land Rover has already confirmed the new car will be a “highly limited” proposition, offered by invitation only and will pioneer a number of ‘world-first’ technologies to reach new performance heights.

The potent SUV will make use of the BMW-sourced 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 so we won’t get that raucous noise like the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 we have come to love but it will be properly rapid.

This car will be one of the very last new combustion cars from Land Rover as they will then focus on their Reimagine transformation plan.

In line with a radical shift in its corporate image, Jaguar Land Rover has officially rebranded to JLR, and will organise its cars into four distinct model families: Jaguar, Discovery, Defender and Range Rover.

JLR design chief Gerry McGovern said the latest model “redefines sporting luxury” and described it as “modern, relevant and progressive”.

Image is a rendering done by AutoYa

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