Motorcycle GPS Tracker: Why You Should Install One?

Owning any vehicle makes people happy–whether a car or a motorcycle. Moving around in a car becomes pretty mandatory during winters or monsoons, which is 6-7 months a year. As we head towards summer, many people take out their motorcycles from the garage and wish for the wind in the face as one can ride down country roads free of smartphones and chatty passengers.

Why do people prefer motorcycles? Because it’s simple–ride down miles of freedom in the spirit of the outlaw. Riding a motorcycle brings much joy and happiness, especially for enthusiasts, but also challenges. Like your car, you must protect your motorcycle and ensure its safety. However, this is impossible with conventional security devices like brake disc locks, as criminals can bypass them in minutes.

The world is becoming tech-savvy, and now it is essential to use a tech solution to protect your motorcycle. Enter GPS trackers for motorcycles.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

A motorcycle GPS tracker is a device that can be installed on a motorcycle to track its location and movement. And if you own a high-end or fancy motorbike, it will catch the attention of thieves. GPS tracking devices give you maximum peace of mind with the least effort–they are simple to use and easy to attach.

But a is a valuable tool beyond protection and security. Here’s why you should buy a GPS tracker if you plan to buy a motorbike for summer this year.

Real-time Location Tracking

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

You would want to know your bike’s whereabouts or if it is safe if you lent it to your friends for a couple of days. Thanks to the GPS tracker, you can track your motorcycle’s movements in real-time and monitor its location. You can come to know if your bike is going to the desired destination, which otherwise means that something might be wrong.

Additionally, get to know if it is parked or moving and be relieved that it is in safe hands. In emergencies like accidents or breakdowns, emergency responders can quickly locate the rider and provide assistance. Additionally, some GPS trackers are equipped with sensors that can detect a crash and automatically notify emergency services.

Route Planning

This is the most common use of GPS technology–road navigation. A GPS tracker can be a valuable tool for route planning for motorcyclists who love to explore new routes and take long rides. With a GPS tracker, riders can plan their routes ahead of time and share them with friends or family members. They can also use the tracker to navigate while on the road, ensuring they stay on course and don’t get lost.

Instant Alerts

While real-time location tracking can help you monitor your motorcycle’s movement, instant alerts provide an extra layer of security. With the help of the geo-fence feature, you set a digital fence around a location of your choice. For example, if you select the geo-fence around your house location, the tracker will send alerts whenever your bike enters or leaves your house.

If thieves try to steal your motorcycle from your house in the middle of the night, the tracker is a valuable tool to instantly notify you on your phone. You can immediately try to stop the thieves, or if it is stolen, you can track the location and recover it as soon as possible.

Expert thieves can easily disconnect an alarm or break against wheel chains and steal your beloved bike. But GPS tracker silently sends notifications and eliminates the need to keep an eye on your valuable assets or vehicles at all times.

Riding History Data

This feature is very useful for parents of teens who use motorcycles for their daily commute. The tracker provides information on past routes taken along with the stoppages. Using your phone or desktop, you can check the history of routes and other details or select the date if you wish to know route details of a particular day.

Besides, the tracker provides detailed reports about mileage, fuel consumption, engine health, etc. When you know valuable insights about your bike, you can plan the use of it wisely or schedule a trip accordingly. For example, if the data tells you that the engine is not performing to its best, you can postpone your journey as you might encounter a breakdown. Ultimately, this helps you to save money on unexpected repairs.

Maintenance Reminders

Besides providing data on bike health, some GPS trackers are equipped with sensors that can monitor the motorcycle’s condition and offer maintenance reminders. This can be especially useful for busy riders who forget to schedule regular maintenance. By reminding them when it’s time for an oil change or other maintenance tasks, GPS trackers can help keep motorcycles running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Monitoring Driving Behaviour

It can be pretty thrilling to overspeed and enjoy the adrenaline rush when riding a bike. But we all know overspeeding is dangerous and is one of the leading causes of accidents. GPS trackers send instant alerts in case of overspeeding or hard braking to avoid any potential hazards. This way, you can keep your bike, as well as your family members safe.

Insurance Benefits

Some insurance companies offer discounts to motorcycle owners who install GPS trackers on their vehicles. This is because GPS trackers can reduce the risk of theft and improve safety, leading to fewer insurance claims. By installing a GPS tracker, motorcycle owners may be able to lower their insurance premiums and save money.

Wrapping Up

Overall, a motorcycle GPS tracker can be a valuable tool for riders, businesses, and families alike. With the added security and peace of mind that a GPS tracker can provide, it’s no wonder that more and more motorcycle owners are choosing to use them. Moreover, you can easily hide the tracker as long as it has access to a permanent live wire and a negative. It is worth every penny to keep your bike safe!

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