McLaren unveils 750S after 720S retirement

McLaren has debuted its new 750S coupé and ‘Spider’ convertible – a lightweight 750hp supercar that its manufacturer describes as a “new benchmark for supercar performance and driver exhilaration.”

Powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission, the new 750S is essentially an evolution of the 720S coupé and convertible that was removed from sale last year. Built on a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, the 750S has very similar exterior looks to its predecessor, carrying forward the smooth silhouette, low nose and large triangular LED headlight design of the 720S.

The 750S features a body-coloured front splitter, a slightly altered rear bumper design including a centrally-mounted exhaust outlet, and a more prominent active rear wing than the 720S. This active wing automatically deploys in less than half a second in high-speed braking scenarios, to significantly increase the car’s downforce and grip on the road.

Under the bodywork, McLaren has made a few technical alterations to the supercar in order to keep it competitive with newer rivals like the Maserati MC20. Weight reduction has been a key focus for the brand’s engineers, installing lighter carbon fibre-shelled racing seats and lighter chassis and suspension components which, when combined with other weight saving measures, make the 750S 30kg lighter than the 720S.

The engine has also undergone a range of modifications in order to improve the supercar’s performance stats, including increased boost pressures for its twin-scroll turbochargers, lightweight forged pistons, and a new exhaust system that is 2kg lighter than the 720S’s. McLaren adds that it has also adjusted the car’s gear ratios, to “optimise acceleration”.

The 750S’s aerodynamics tweaks, weight reduction and engine modifications result in a supercar that can complete a 0-62mph sprint in a reported 2.8 seconds – making it just as fast in a straight line as the slightly more powerful 765LT coupé and convertible that currently tops the McLaren model range. Top speed is limited to 206mph.

The car sits on 19-inch alloy wheels in the front and slightly larger 20-inch alloy wheels in the rear, which will be wrapped in the customer’s choice of three Pirelli tyre options, and house carbon-ceramic brakes. Opting for the optional brakes upgrade package installs carbon-ceramic discs that are reportedly 60% stronger, inspired by the powerful track-focused McLaren Senna.

The McLaren 750S is now available to order in the UK, though McLaren is set to announce any pricing details. By comparison, the entry-level price for 720S around the time of its removal was just shy of £220,000.

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