Lewis Hamilton Still Pushing Hard For South African Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton recently sat down with ESPN F1 writer Laurence Edmondson for an exclusive interview ahead of the Miami Grand Prix where the topic of a South African race came up, yet again.

Edmondson asked where in the world he really wanted to race and before the Miami GP was confirmed that was one of them but now his focus is on South Africa.

“The next one I’ve been talking about is South Africa and that’s what I’m pushing for in the background so hopefully you will see that come to light soon as well,” said Hamilton.

“That’s a real big dream for me to have raced in South Africa and in Africa during my career is a huge huge dream for me. I know we have a big following out there, well I have a big following out there, and I know a lot of people are into Formula 1 now there so that would be amazing because just imagine the work we can be doing [with IWC] when we’re in South Africa,” he added,

Edmondson asked if that is something he was talking to Stefano Domenicalli about to which he responded “I’m pushing as hard as I can in the background, going high up, to make sure that race happens”.

The waiting game continues for the Formula 1 fans in South Africa but we are very hopeful as talks are still ongoing.

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