Lego can provide a great visual explainer on off-road upgrades

Should you upgrade your wheels and tires? Is it time to add on a front or rear locker? Maybe you need a bit more lift from a new suspension setup? It all depends on what you plan on doing with your vehicle. And if your vehicle is built from Lego, you can test and try different setups to see how it all reacts in a given environment.

That’s what goes down at the YouTube channel Brick Technology. We’ve shown their work in the past, but this latest video is just as awesome as the others.

The basic premise is a Lego vehicle set into a sand box with the goal of crossing a finish line. It starts with flat sand, and the vehicle is modified to get across the line and then to get across the line while carrying ever increasing amounts of weight. The builder has to swap out the tires, upgrade the differentials, and eventually rework the vehicle to handle a surface that gets more difficult as the challenge goes on.

The final vehicle form is one that can handle anything tossed its way, and it’s impressive to watch how the builder arrives there. Even though this is scale plastic and rubber, it’s an excellent visual explainer on what proper off-road upgrades can do for a vehicle. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to shopping for that front and rear e-locker setup I’ve wanted to add to my Montero…

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