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The name “Kia” roughly translates as “Rising from Asia” in Korean and Chinese characters.

Kia Motors Company is a South Korean automobile manufacturer.

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New 2021 logo.
Kia revealed its new corporate logo and global brand slogan on January 6, 2021 that signify the automaker’s bold transformation and all-new brand purpose. The introduction of the new logo represents Kia’s ambitions to establish a leadership position in the future mobility industry by revamping nearly all facets of its business.

The logo is a symbol of Kia’s new brand purpose and the values it promises to offer customers through future products and services, and the experiences these enable. Kia seals its brand promise by developing the new logo to resemble a handwritten signature. The rhythmical, unbroken line of the logo conveys Kia’s commitment to bringing moments of inspiration, while its symmetry demonstrates confidence. The rising gestures of the logo embody Kia’s rising ambitions for the brand, and, more importantly, what it offers customers.

“Kia’s new logo represents the company’s commitment to becoming an icon for change and innovation”, said Ho Sung Song, Kia’s President and CEO. “The automotive industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, and Kia is proactively shaping and adapting to these changes. Our new logo represents our desire to inspire customers as their mobility needs evolve, and for our employees to rise to the challenges we face in a fast-changing industry.”

The new logo was unveiled during a record-breaking pyrotechnic display in the skies above Incheon, Korea. The event saw 303 pyrodrones launching hundreds of fireworks in a synchronized artistic display, igniting and celebrating Kia’s new beginning. This set a new Guinness World Record for ‘Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) launching fireworks simultaneously’.

In addition to an all-new logo, Kia revealed its new global brand slogan, ‘Movement that inspires’.

Kia was founded in 1944, and later produced Mazda models under licence, including the Pride (based on the 121) and Avella, which were sold in North America and Australasia as the Ford Festiva and Ford Aspire. The name “Kia” roughly translates as “Rising from Asia” in Korean and Chinese characters.

In 1993, it began operating in the United States, which first began sales in California. The dealers in 1994 sold the Sephia, then a few years later the United States sales line expanded with the addition of the Sportage. Kia automobiles were generally considerably less reliable than those of their competitors, and rely on ten-year powertrain warranties for sales. (Also see Hyundai) Kia consistently ranks last on J.D. Power and Associates durability index almost without exception (narrowly beaten in 2004 by General Motors, Ford, Chrysler USA market). Kia has worked to build the reliabilty of their vehicles and now rates higher than many others.

Kia’s troubles in 1997 helped to push South Korea into the Asian financial crisis, and it was acquired in 1998 by the Hyundai Motor Company.

Due to the success that came to Kia after Hyundai took over, Kia sales have improved dramatically 1998-2005. On September 6, 2005, Kia announced that it would be building a new plant in Mississippi, US to keep up with the US demand for Kia vehicles, which has risen steadily and is expected to reach 290,000 vehicles sold in the US for 2005.

Affiliations and subsidiaries.
Kia is one of the companies of the Hyundai Motor Group and has two subsidiaries:
-Kia Motors America.
-Asia Motors, Ltd.

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