Is Hiring A Locksmith Worth It?

LocksmithMany people get put off calling out professional services because of the perceived cost. Plumbers often have exorbitant call-out fees attached to their services. And many homeowners feel that they can tackle simple plumbing problems themselves. Locksmiths are another service that people are sometimes worried about calling. There may be a belief that locksmiths are expensive. Or it may be that the individual believes they don’t need professional help to get into their home when locked out.

However, there are a number of reasons why hiring a locksmith is advantageous.

Why hire a locksmith?

The usual reasons for hiring a locksmith tend to involve being locked out of a home or car. Lost keys, malfunctioning locks, or keys locked inside a vehicle are common causes for needing a locksmith.

Locksmiths are generally local. For instance, Locksmith Plus Inc. in Vancouver, Washington only serves a certain radius in that area. This makes locksmiths ideal for fast call-outs and emergencies. Typically this happens when someone is locked out of their home or needs locks replaced fast after a burglary.

What makes it worthwhile calling out a locksmith?

The reasons for hiring a locksmith are usually to access a home or to replace the locks. Yet, there are far more reasons why hiring a locksmith is worthwhile.

Here are 10 reasons why it is worth hiring a locksmith.

Locksmiths are licensed professionals

Locksmiths are often required to be licensed. Depending on the state a locksmith operates in, it may be mandatory to hold a license.

For instance, Oregon requires locksmiths to hold a license. So, any locksmith operating outside of Oregon but servicing Portland for instance would need to hold a license. Many locksmiths also hold construction contractor licenses too.

Knowledge and experience

Locksmiths are used to problem-solving and are experienced in opening and replacing different locks. In New Jersey, a locksmith needs 3 years of experience and training before they can work and be licensed.

It is this experience that allows professional locksmiths to get past locks and security systems without causing any damage.

They can carry out security risk assessments

Locksmiths are security experts. A locksmith will evaluate a home’s current level of security and make a thorough risk assessment. The locksmith will also be able to recommend what additional security measures should be taken, and where existing locks should be upgraded.

Locksmiths are cost-effective

Trying to force a lock on a home or a car can cause damage that results in extra expenses. Not hiring a locksmith will save on some fees, but the end result might be far more costly.

Trying to force a lock on a car may end with the door handle needing to be replaced, or scratched bodywork. A common way to break into a home is to force a window or smash it. Window replacements can cost between $467 and $1,333. Far more than hiring a locksmith would cost.

Installation of modern security systems

Not only do locksmiths carry out risk assessments, but they install security systems too. Locksmiths stay up to date with changes in the security industry. They are able to select and install the right systems for homes and commercial buildings.

Security technology changes regularly. While DIY enthusiasts might be able to install security systems relatively easily, a locksmith’s work will come with some guarantee of quality. Not only will a locksmith help to select the best home security system, but their work will be quality-assured.

Locksmiths can bypass electronic keypads

Many modern entry systems now no longer involve keys or lock mechanisms. Instead, they may use RFID, NFC, infrared, wireless signals, or keypads. The only problem with keypads is that the combination could be forgotten.

Locksmiths are capable of bypassing electronic keypads and reprogramming them with a new passcode. Giving access to a business or home is a great responsibility. So, professional locksmiths require clients to show me proper ID before they bypass security systems.

They can help motorists secure their vehicles

Motorists get locked out of cars very often. Each year, millions of people lock their keys inside their cars. Automotive locksmiths help car owners back into their vehicles. But, they also help motorists to secure their cars.

There are many ways to protect vehicles from theft now. Car window tinting adds privacy and shields belongings from potential thieves. GPS trackers help car recovery, and steering wheel locks stop cars from being taken in the first place.

However, vehicles do get stolen. And when a stolen car is found it needs to be secured. Automotive locksmiths will replace car locks and recode transponders.

Locksmiths can get into almost anything

Locksmiths are generally called out by homeowners or business owners. Automotive locksmiths deal with motorists who are locked out or need new keys. But, locksmiths are not limited to these areas. Locksmiths will help customers gain access to anything they are locked out of.

Picture the scene, a workshop has been kitted out with all equipment that could be needed. The best tools for a workshop have been chosen. Yet, the tool cabinet is locked and the key missing. A locksmith will get the owner into the toolbox, replace the lock and supply new keys.

Safes, filing cabinets, and even mailboxes can be opened by a locksmith without forced entry or damage.

Locksmiths are there in an emergency

Often the need for a locksmith arises from urgency. Being locked out of a home in the rain is no fun. Nor is being stuck at the roadside with the keys inside a locked car. Locksmiths operate emergency callouts 24/7 to get people back into their homes fast.

Even when there is no emergency, locksmiths often operate quickly due to locality. Operating in a limited number of suburbs means locksmiths will provide prompt and personal service.

Locksmiths bring peace of mind

In the event of a burglary or mugging, a locksmith can replace locks quickly to bring peace of mind. If a home is broken into it can lead to anxiety and fear.

Security system installation also helps to remove feelings of vulnerability. Knowing a licensed locksmith has assessed the home and secured the building with new locks will help allay fears.

What is the cost of hiring a locksmith?

The greatest reason for not hiring a locksmith stems from worry about the cost. Many people have the belief that they can fix any problem around the home without professional help, so why pay?

Different locksmiths charge whatever fees they see appropriate. It is standard to charge a service or call-out fee. Prime time fees might be applied to out-of-standard hours work such as the weekends.

Depending on what service is required, a locksmith might cost from $50 up to $300. Now compare this to the cost of replacing car door locks at an approved mechanic. Or putting in replacement windows as previously mentioned.


Fixing dripping taps, and replacing fuses are simple jobs that don’t require professional help. But, gaining entry to a home without causing damage needs certain tools and skills that most homeowners don’t possess.

Motorists will benefit from hiring a locksmith to secure their car after theft. And homeowners will get peace of mind from having a security system professionally installed and tested.

The benefits of hiring a licensed locksmith far out way any service fees. Indeed, by avoiding forced entry to a home, it may be financially prudent to hire a locksmith, and very worthwhile.

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