International Trip in Your Ford Fortuner

Traveling internationally in your car is certainly fun, but there is a lot you need to prepare before you can go for it. It is a matter of great endurance and grit for both yourself and your car. The Fortuner is a great car for such long travels, but there’s a lot you need to keep track of to ensure you are safe on your journeys. It will help you stay safe in remote international locations where roadside assistance might not be available. So, here’s a complete checklist of all the things you need to check before going on your international trip.

Car Health & Backup Checklist

Change Necessary Oil & Filters

Engine oil, filter, air filter, cabin filter, and field filter. These are the things you need to get changed before you embark on a long journey. These changes will help you keep your engine clean and ensure that the fuel efficiency is as good as you can get it out of your vehicle. Plus, with the new filters, your car will perform better and smell fresh and be more comfortable.

Change Necessary Oil Filters

Check & Replace Fluids If Necessary

Transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, battery fluid, and power steering fluid, these are the fluids in your car that you need to check and replace if needed. It will ensure your car doesn’t unceremoniously break down in the middle of nowhere. Ideally, these fluids will keep your car running smoothly in any terrain, which is crucial for international trips.

Check Replace Fluids If Necessary

Keep Spare Tire & Seat Belts

You never know what can happen on the road, so it’s best to always keep a Stephanie on hand and a set of spare seat belts. You should also check all the tyres before your journey and make sure they are healthy and not worn out. New tyres will have a better grip, which will generally come in handy on long trips.

Keep Spare Tire Seat Belts

Keep Other Car Accessories & Documents On Hand

A tire iron, car jack, fire extinguisher, clean towels, car interior cleaner, and all your important documents like your international license Philippines and local ID are important accessories that should be in your car at all times. You also need to carry an extra set of car keys that you store in a different location than your regular spot. It will help you stay safe in case of emergencies when you are away from home.


International trips are satisfying adventures that require meticulous planning to be successful. This checklist will help you go on your adventure safely and enjoy it without any worries.

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