David Coulthard Believes Lewis Hamilton Is Still At His Peak

David Coulthard, former Formula 1 racer, believes that Lewis Hamilton is still at the top of his game despite his lackluster performance in the 2023 F1 season. He attributes the Briton’s struggles to the underperforming Mercedes W14 rather than any decline in his ability.

Lewis Hamilton Drives a Car Not Playing His Strengths

Citing an interview with Channel 4, Coulthard noted that Hamilton is struggling with a car that is not playing to his strengths and is not stable. He also pointed out that the Mercedes driver’s teammate George Russell has been performing exceptionally well in one-lap pace, with a 4-1 qualifying record over the seven-time world champion.

However, Coulthard stressed that this is the best car that Russell has ever driven, while the W14 is not the best car that Hamilton has ever driven. The retired F1 driver is confident that Hamilton’s mind is in a different place and that he is still a formidable driver. He believes that the former champ’s true potential will only be realized once the Mercedes car is as mighty as it once was.

Hamilton had prepared for 2023 to be a comeback year, after going an entire season without a victory for the first time in his F1 career. However, Mercedes has also made a rocky start to the year’s campaign. The W14 has taken the team back to their situation at this point in 2022, where their challenger is rarely a threat to the pacesetters, which this time around is a “very Red Bull-exclusive club.”

Hamilton’s pursuit of an eighth World Championship title has been hindered by the underperforming W14. The car is not talking to him, and he is fighting it out there on the track. Hamilton’s hopes of closing the gap on the pacesetters and winning the championship seem unlikely at this stage.

Final Thoughts

David Coulthard believes that Hamilton’s struggles are due to the underperforming Mercedes W14, and not a decline in his ability. The F1 legend is confident that the former F1 drivers’ champion will return to form once the Mercedes car is performing at its best. Fans of Hamilton and Mercedes will be hoping that this happens sooner rather than later.

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