Can NASA’s Artemis 1 Out Accelerate A Supercar?

By Carlos Peña, November 26, 2022 out?v=oWR5tFgJKIQ

The Artemis 1 rocket is NASA’s unmanned return mission to the moon and back again, it is a exam auto for the Artemis method. The mission will sooner or later guide to astronauts returning to the moon. The objective is to create a lasting lunar base to kind a gateway for even further deep space exploration like manned missions to Mars. But in any case, manned missions to Mars are at the very least 5-10 yrs absent. What we’re fascinated in is… can NASA’s most highly effective rocket given that the Saturn V Appolo Missions out-accelerate a supercar?

We can toss a lot of stats at you, being lazy journalists as we are, we suggest you to abide by the backlink to the Artemis NASA site to get your geek cheeks entire of info. But the just one fact that you really should know is this… Artemis 1’s rocket engines make a thrust of 8.8 million kilos (4 million kilograms) at launch. NASA formally states the rocket can accelerate from -500mph in just two seconds. Go through it and weep electric powered hypercar proprietors.

Artemis 1 productively launched from Kennedy Space Center on November 16, 2022, at 06:47:44 UTC (01:47:44 EST). Area geek YouTube channel Cosmic Perspective ideal captured the spectacle with some beautiful videography and audio.

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Artemis 1 launch by Cosmic Perspective

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