Product Spotlight: HyperSpark 2 Delivers Big Ignition Power In A Smaller Package

Products Highlight: HyperSpark 2 Delivers Massive Ignition Energy In A Smaller sized Bundle

Product Spotlight: HyperSpark 2 Delivers Big Ignition Power In A Smaller Package

The most current and finest in technologies not only tends to make electronics far more and more effective presently, but also lesser and scaled-down. When mounting sections to your very hot rod, muscle mass auto, or race motor vehicle, more compact is usually good for aesthetics and dependability as you can get elements into spots that keep them out of harms way and out of web page. The new Sniper EFI HyperSpark 2 is one particular of people merchandise that is taking advantage of finding scaled-down. With all the same features you are made use of to from the HyperSpark program, the new HyperSpark 2 will come in fairly a bit scaled-down.

It is straightforward to mount with 4 uncomplicated to accessibility mounting holes, and when utilized with a HyperSpark coil and distributor it makes it possible for you to have total command of gas and spark in your Sniper EFI install.

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The HyperSpark 2 ignition box packs all of the verified characteristics of its predecessor into a more compact sort, enabling for simpler mounting methods although packing the same potency of the initial. With up to 150 millijoules (mj) of spark power when combined with the HyperSpark ignition coil (p/n 556-152), you will have lots of electricity to properly fireplace your Sniper-driven engine mixtures. You can even increase timing control to your Sniper-powered undertaking when utilized in conjunction with a HyperSpark coil and distributor. •… and solutions/gas_…

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