Audi R8 GT RWD Review (2022)

Coilover suspension is available on the GT R8 for the first time, with a healthy amount of adjustability that also lowers the centre of gravity. Bump and rebound get up to 18 clicks of tweakery that are adjustable without having to visit a dealer, along with increased spring and damper rates.

It’s interesting to see how much effort Audi has gone to with the suspension. Roland Waschkau, who works Audi chassis development, tells me that it was important to offer the coilover set-up as an option (price tbc) because “we wanted this last version to be the best driver’s R8. This is worth it for the final goodbye.”

Have they succeeded? With the caveat that we drove it on track only, it definitely feels edgier than the normal R8 and you’re slightly more keyed into it. The car seems more alive underneath you, a bit sharper, all the while keeping the same impressive turn-in of the regular car, which is neutral and balanced. 

Our test cars were in their most dynamic setting on the suspension and you could tell as they didn’t have any of the wallow and tardiness that you get from road cars on a track. They felt agile and reactive.

The most noticeable change is the gearshift. In full-bore acceleration, there’s a dramatic cut as it swaps cogs, which feels really dramatic compared with the normal car’s. 

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