2023 Top BMW Pickup Trucks With Detailed Review, Design, And Features

BMW is widely known for producing high-quality luxury vehicles. However, many enthusiasts have longed for the brand to enter the pickup truck market. The brand has yet to produce a production BMW pickup truck but has teased enthusiasts with several exciting concepts.

The most anticipated concept is the BMW X7 pickup truck. This concept was first introduced in 2019 and generated a lot of buzzes among BMW fans. Due to its similarities to the X7 SUV, the X7 Pickup Truck also offers luxurious features and performance capabilities.

XM Pickup Truck is another exciting concept from BMW. A sleek, futuristic design first revealed in 2021 shows the brand’s commitment to innovation. XM’s platform is similar to that of the X7, so it should offer impressive performance and handling.

The BMW E30 Pickup Truck is a concept that dates back to the 1980s. The E30 Pickup Truck was based on the popular E30 3 Series and featured a stylish, sporty design that was ahead of its time.

Although BMW has not announced any plans to produce a pickup truck, these concepts give enthusiasts a glimpse of what it might look like.

History Of BMW X7, XM, And E30 Pickup Truck Concepts

BMW X7, XM, and E30 pickup trucks are all possible concepts. Yet, they have a long history that has aided in the evolution of BMW’s truck designs.

The 2018 X7 SUV was announced as a luxury SUV based on BMW’s Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform. The X7 Pickup Truck concept debuted in 2019 and was based on the same CLAR platform as the X7 SUV.

The XM Pickup Vehicle is a new concept that was unveiled in 2021. It uses the same platform as the X7 but has a more futuristic and sleek look. The XM comes with cutting-edge technology, such as a digital instrument cluster and big infotainment.

The E30 pickup truck concept has a distinct history. It was developed in the 1980s as a prototype for a small pickup truck built on the E30 3 Series platform. Even so, the E30 Pickup Truck remains an iconic concept in BMW history, despite its shortcomings.

1. New BMW X7 Pickup Truck Concept – Detailed Guide

BMW X7 Pickup Truck Concept

– Debut

In 2019, the BMW X7 Pickup Truck concept debuted, sending shockwaves through the automotive market. This daring design was a departure from BMW’s usual offerings, as the German brand had never previously developed a pickup truck.

– BMW X7 SUV & X7 Pickup Similarities

Despite its unusual look, the X7 Pickup Truck idea is very similar to its SUV counterpart, the BMW X7. Both vehicles have opulent features as well as amazing performance capabilities, such as a powerful engine and cutting-edge electronics.

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The X7 Pickup Truck was likewise developed on the same basis as the X7 SUV, ensuring high-quality engineering and design.

– Excitement Among BMW Fans

The announcement of the X7 Pickup Truck concept sparked a lot of interest among BMW aficionados. Many people were excited about the prospect of BMW trucks and eagerly awaited word on a possible release date.

The concept of the X7 Pickup Truck was praised for its elegant style, powerful performance, and luxurious features.

– Possibility Of Entering Production

BMW has not stated whether or not the vehicle will go into production. Several industry analysts believe the X7 Pickup Vehicle is a response to the growing demand for premium pickup trucks.

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They also feel that BMW is testing the waters with this prototype before agreeing to a full production run. However, it’s highly unlikely to get into the production process.

2. BMW XM Pickup Truck Concept & Specs

BMW XM Pickup Truck Concept

– Debut

BMW introduced their next concept truck, the XM Pickup Truck, in 2021. Its futuristic look and cutting-edge features wowed car enthusiasts.

This pickup truck is the newest addition to BMW’s luxury vehicle lineup. It also demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation.

– Design Elements

The XM Pickup Truck’s design is nothing short of stunning. It’s a daring and stylish vehicle with a front end evocative of previous BMW models like the X7 SUV. The XM’s sloping roofline, crisp lines, and muscular fenders give it a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

– Performance

The XM Pickup Truck is expected to be based on the identical platform as the X7. This would imply that it shares the luxury SUV’s strong engine and good handling.

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This platform is well-known for its high performance. And it has the potential to make the XM Pickup Truck one of the most capable trucks available.

– Possibility Of Entering Production

BMW has not declared any plans to make this concept vehicle a reality as of yet. Many admirers, though, are hoping that it will someday become part of the BMW portfolio.

If the XM Pickup Truck is produced, it will most likely be a limited edition car with a hefty price tag. This would target a specialized market of luxury truck purchasers.

3. BMW E30 Pickup Truck Concept

BMW E30 Pickup Truck Concept

– Debut

The BMW E30 Pickup Truck prototype first came about in the 1980s. BMW engineers chose to build a sporty pickup truck based on the successful E30 platform of the time.

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While the design was never realized, it has become a revered piece of BMW history and a cult favorite among aficionados.

– Design Elements

The dynamic style of the E30 Pickup Truck idea is its most eye-catching feature. It has a sleek and aerodynamic body design, as well as a low, sloping roofline and muscular fenders.

The truck bed is perfectly merged into the vehicle’s back, giving it a beautiful and coherent appearance. Despite being a concept vehicle, the E30 Pickup Truck’s design has weathered the test of time and continues to astound.

– Excitement Among BMW Fans

Even though the E30 Pickup Vehicle was never put into production, it is nevertheless relevant today for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons is the vehicle’s scarcity.

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Because only one prototype was ever created, it is a highly sought-after collector’s item. Furthermore, the E30 Pickup Truck harkens back to a time when BMW was known for delivering entertaining and unusual vehicles.

– Possibility Of Entering Production

The possibility of the E30 Pickup Truck going into production appears remote at this time. It hasn’t prevented BMW lovers from fantasizing about what may have been.

Several fans have even sought to modify existing E30 vehicles to build their own versions of the E30 Pickup Truck. While these custom creations are not official BMW products, they do serve as a monument to the famous concept’s enduring history.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Pickup Truck

Trucks are the most popular vehicle type in America, far outselling sedans and crossovers. They’re popular because they have a lot of adaptabilities. Pickup trucks have a huge capacity to tow, seat a lot of people, and handle almost any terrain.

As we already got to know there is a minor chance that the BMW pickup truck 2023 could get into production. Yet, there are plenty of 4-cylinder compact, midsize, and full-size pickup trucks in 2023.

So, here are some of the key factors you should remember before buying a pickup truck.

A. Passenger Capacity

Trucks are built as two-seaters, providing room for the driver and a single passenger. Vehicles with two-person cabins are often cheaper than pickup trucks with larger cabs and larger beds.

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If you don’t intend to transport many passengers and require additional cargo room, the conventional cab design may be the best value. If you need more passenger space for friends or family, a larger cab is a must.

B. Power & Engine Size

Engine size is a crucial consideration, although bigger is not always better. If you’re looking for a truck for daily commuting and don’t intend to move huge objects, a 4-cylinder engine can save you money on petrol.

They can be found on smaller trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. Four-cylinder engines are adequate for moving light cargo. But if you need to tow anything larger than a tiny U-Haul trailer, you’ll need to upgrade.

C. 2WD or 4×4

The weather and your driving habits play a large role in determining if a 4×4 truck is worth the extra money. A 4×4 pickup truck is unnecessary if you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of rain or snow, such as Los Angeles.

If you live in a polar vortex state, such as Minnesota or Michigan, the increased traction of a 4×4 truck can keep you from becoming stranded in the muck or snow.

D. Manual vs. Automatic

Consider the traffic conditions where you will be driving most of the time when choosing a transmission. Automatic transmissions are great for drivers who spend lots of time in traffic.

Manual transmissions are becoming increasingly rare in trucks, but they are still available at the lower trim levels of a few vehicles. They may be more enjoyable to drive, but they are less effective when towing and sitting in traffic.

E. Camper Shell

A camper shell can prevent theft and protect belongings from the elements. For example, if you’re moving furniture and it begins to rain outside, you’ll be relieved that your belongings will not be harmed.

Camper shell prices vary greatly, but a decent one will typically cost around $1,000, give or take a few hundred dollars.

Does BMW Have A Pickup Truck?

No, BMW currently does not have a production pickup truck. However, the company has showcased three concept pickup trucks. You’ll be surprised to know their first pickup concept was unveiled in the 1980s as the E30 pickup.

However, two most recent pickup truck unveils are BMW X7 and XM in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Yet, there is no official announcement that any of the vehicles are getting into production.

What Is The BMW Pickup Truck Price?

As we’ve already discussed there are no BMW production pickup trucks just yet. However, recently the 2021 BMW XM unveil shows that the company is working hard to get one into production.

Moreover, we all know BMW is a premium and luxurious car manufacturer. So, if there will be a pickup truck out in the market, get ready to break your bank.

When Will The New BMW Pickup Truck Coming Into Production?

BMW has made no official declaration about the development of a pickup truck. BMW has shown concept pickup trucks such as the XM and X7.

It’s uncertain whether BMW will enter the pickup truck market at all, as the company has made no formal pronouncements on the subject.

Is The BMW X7 Pickup Truck Real?

Yes, it is real but the company just produced one concept vehicle. The X7 pickup truck was first introduced in 2019 one year after they launched the X7 SUV. The X7 pickup also shared the same platform as the X7 SUV.

However, the truck never came into production. So, it is partially right to say that the BMW X7 pickup truck is real.

Did BMW Make An E30 Pickup?

BMW built a one-of-a-kind E30 3-Series pickup truck for an Australian customer in 1986. Based on the E30 platform, this car had a pickup bed in place of the normal sedan’s trunk. The BMW E30 pickup was never manufactured.

Nonetheless, the Z3 roadster pickup was a comparable vehicle produced by the manufacturer. This limited-edition model was only available in Europe and included a removable hardtop that converted the vehicle into a convertible.

Final Thoughts

BMW has shown off some stunning concept pickup trucks, including the XM, X7, and E30. It’s unknown whether the company will enter the pickup truck industry or when production will begin.

There are numerous options available for consumers looking for a powerful and dependable pickup truck, including the Ford Maverick and F-150. These pickups are well known for their power, towing capability, and adaptability.

While BMW may someday develop a pickup vehicle, shoppers should not disregard other well-known and dependable pickup trucks.

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